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Why Choose Us?

As a professional bullwhip artist and a four-time Guinness World Record holder, I've used many whip products, so I know what works and what doesn't.  These are all whip-related products I use, so you know they've been field-tested, and proven to be assets to your own whip-cracking experience.

"Thank you sir for your time and effort. There is a new generation of people who are enthused,including myself. You are a hero of the art. Ilearned so much from your videos."



About Us

Robert Dante

Bullwhip artist, whip expert, store owner

My bullwhips have brought me a lot of joy, and they've let me travel to faraway places and meet the world's most interesting people! 

"A pleasure shared is twice the pleasure," they say, so I want to pass that on to you. No, I'm not a whip maker - I leave that to the folks that are really good at it. But I do know a thing or two about whip cracking. Hope you enjoy your visit!